Best Stormtrooper Car Accessories for Supporting the Trooper’s Cause

Stormtroopers have for years been the face of the Star Wars movies. After Darth Vader, they are the second most recognizable characters when we think of the franchise, the reason being what they symbolize, an infantry of dictatorial leadership for the First Order.

No other helmet, perhaps in the history of pop culture, is instantly familiar like Darth Vader and Stormtrooper’s. A plethora of accessories and apparels carry their brands in their likeness and the color accents.

The trend is so popular to an extent that when Stormtroopers appear anywhere, they make it feel like Star Wars. The legion wears masks with a color palette of black and white, which, according to the movie was meant to portray intimidation while keeping the identity of the characters anonymous.

However, for more than four decades, the attire has grown to become something else. Today, their presence is more reassuring than intimidating, which is why there is a ton of accessories out there with a design inspired by them. These accessories vary from costumes to shoes to automobile collectibles.

Below you’ll find some of the best Stormtrooper car accessories you can gift someone or use to customize your ride.

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1. Stormtrooper Floor Mat Set

For the lovers of white cars, which obviously have pallets of black in the interior, the Stormtrooper Floor Mat Set is a great addition if you desire to make your car an honorary trooper. These mats are quite attractive and durable.

It qualifies as a fitting gift for a businessman, a Star Wars fan, or a truck driver who wouldn’t mind a mark of dedication and an undying fidelity for a cause. They are available for both the driver and the passenger’s side.

Based on their performance, you’ll want to buy a second set for the back seats. They do not slide, and they boast rubbery spikes on the underside that keeps them in place even when one fidgets a lot.

Those living in rainy places, the white is no cause for worry, with only soap and water, you can wipe the mud away with ease.

In terms of durability, these mats do an outstanding job. They can last through extreme weather regardless of the rain, dust, or snow. They protect your car floor while giving it a unique Star Wars look, just like a fan would have it.

Plasticolor 001482R01 'Star Wars Stormtrooper' Automotive Floor Mat Set
  • Includes mats for driver and passenger side front floorboard areas
  • Proudly made in USA
  • Fully nibbed underside
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Universally fits most vehicles

2. Stormtrooper Low Back Seat Cover

With your car’s floor protected by the Stormtrooper Floor Mat Set, the one other thing remaining is the upholstery, and these low-back seat covers work like a charm. They are super adorable and will help you show off your nerdy Star Wars side while protecting your seats.

Although they are lightweight, they feature a great quality design and are not that expensive either. If you are a Star Wars fan and already have the other items, then these seat covers are a hit. They’re highly detailed with a fine feel as they incorporate enough padding that guarantees comfort when one is driving.

The Stormtrooper Low Back Seat Covers are universal, they fit a good number of cars, SUVs, trucks, and van seats.

However, they are not meant for seats with armrests. They come with a fastening system that holds them tight after installation. If they ever get dirty or dry, all you need to do is rinse them with soft and water.

Plasticolor 006933R01 Star Wars Stormtrooper Low Back Universal Fit Car Truck SUV Seat Cover
  • Universally fits most low-backed bucket seats
  • Included fastening system secures cover to seat
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Sold individually
  • Check owner's manual for vehicles equipped with side airbags and sensors

3. Stormtrooper Cup Holder Coasters

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than spills, slippery cups, and cup holders that get drenched each now and then. Luckily, we don’t have to deal with that anymore, thanks to cup coasters.

Now you can keep your vehicle clean with the Stormtrooper coasters. More so, having them allows you to personalize your car into a ride envied by the world.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re outfitting only your car cup holders, the whole vehicle, or just buying these coasters as gifts, they are worth the investment. They are thick with a non-skidding backing. They are also available in pairs with a white and black image of the Stormtrooper centered on it.

The best part about these items is that they can be trimmed to fit various surfaces and cups. The liners are sharp and vibrant making the inserts a perfect accent for any Star Wars fan seeking to personalize their car.

Plasticolor 000665R01 Star Wars Stormtrooper Auto Car Truck SUV Cup Holder Coaster 2-Pack
  • Can be trimmed to fit all sizes of cup holders
  • 2 Auto Coasters
  • Made of Food Safe Grade Material
  • Bold Stormtrooper image
  • Matches other Plasticolor Stormtrooper auto interior accessories

4. Star Wars Trooper Bluetooth Speaker

The Star Wars Trooper Bluetooth Speaker is an elegant accessory that allows you to stream and sing along to your music from your phone, tablet, MP3 player, or any other media device. Despite coming in a small size, this item defies sound to bring you the best listening experience.

Some of the best features it is equipped with include a speakerphone function that comes in handy when you need to be on phone and is driving. The built-in rechargeable battery enhances its efficiency by ensuring that it can be charged and used everywhere you go.

Better yet, the included charging cable makes it convenient and useful. It has an LED light that blinks or lights up while it charges.

Now your road trips won’t be boring anymore. With this little device, the Stormtrooper mats, and seat covers, you’ll give people something to talk about, and even after years of use, these accessories will still warrant some compliments from the Star Wars lovers.

Star Wars Trooper Bluetooth Speaker Charging Cable Included
  • Wirelessly stream music from your computer, tablet, smartphone, MP3 player,...
  • Size defying sound
  • Speaker phone function
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • charging cable included. power and charging LED indicator

5. Stormtrooper Seat Belt Shoulder Pad

Seat belts tend to annoy us sometimes. They often dig on our necks making us think twice about buckling up. No one wants to drive without a seat belt on, and because we always want to be safe, we need something that makes the driving experience comfortable.

This is where the Stormtrooper Seat Belt Shoulder Pad comes in. This product is fit for use with driving enthusiasts, especially the long-distance drivers who succumb to seat belt irritation.

The design and functionality, as well as its absorbent material, provides the utmost comfort when you’re on the road. They have a luxurious look and feel and can resist frequent use all year long.

It’s the ability to manage heat, ensure that it remains cool due to breathability, and the permeability it features only work to bring you the best rides. They are universal, are made from a piece of high-quality cotton fabric, and most importantly, are stylized with the fan of the legion of the First Order in mind.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Seatbelt Shoudler Pad X 2 pc
  • Official Licensed Brand New Product.
  • Make wearing your seat belt more comfortable with our easy-to-install Star...
  • Velcro strip allows quick and easy attachment to your seat belt.
  • The Stormtrooper design is embroidered for quality and style.
  • 2 pcs Included, Universal Fit.

6. Star Wars Clone Trooper White Shift Gear Knob

The Star Wars Clone Trooper Shift Gear Knob tops the list of the best Star Wars shift knobs. It boasts a universal fitment, making the item ideal for use in many car types and models.

The head has a nice weight and a small comfortable construction like a cue ball. It comes with three black inserts for uniform and firm fitting. It has a phenomenal design praised by other users who think the quality of the material it is constructed from is durable.

Maybe the knob that came with your car is faulty or is plain boring, or you need to customize your car, like in this case, with Stormtrooper accessories, you can easily replace it with this product, which allows you to shift your vehicle’s gear without losing grip.

This gear knob is, however, meant for the manual transmission vehicles, but should not be used for lift reverse. Installation is easy for some people, but perhaps you should seek professional help.

FabSelection Universal Auto Car Manual Gear Stick Shift Shifter Lever Knob Cover Star Wars Clone Trooper White
  • Star Wars style makes more fun and cool.
  • Material : Metal, Ceramic
  • Gear Shift Knob, universal for Auto
  • Get It and replace the oldschool one!!
  • Package Content:1 x Shift knob,3 x Plastic adapters,4 x Mounting screw,1 x...

7. Funko Stormtrooper Star Wars Pop

Thanks to Funko, Star War’s legion of killers for the Empire are not killers in our own world. They are little collectibles and accessories that are a sight to behold and adorable companions.

This Stormtrooper Bobble-Head is way tinier compared to the real thing but has a fantastic design that brings a smile to every nerd, adult or child.

Serving various functions, this Stormtrooper can protect your child at night, your desk at work, as well as your car in the parking lot. It can also nod at other cars to keep going and mind their business while sitting on your dashboard. Bop him on the head and see how he Noda to your authoritative commands.

This charming bobblehead comes in a unique design in a colorful package that instantaneously tells you that he’ll look great on your dashboard. It is a great take on the heroes and villains of the franchise and can be gifted to anyone from the age of five and above.

Funko Stormtrooper Star Wars Pop

8. Star Wars Stormtrooper Steering Wheel Cover

If you want to go Stormtroopers the whole way, then the Star Wars Stormtrooper Steering Wheel Cover is a must-have in a vehicle already carrying the character’s seat covers, seat belt pads, floor mats, and gear shift knobs.

This product isn’t meant for you to only show your dedication to the Empire and the First Order or your love for the fearsome infantry, it is meant to make your cruising in your ride a comfortable thing to do.

People with sweaty hands, those with steering wheel covers that have a plain look, or those with covers that are worn out need these covers to bring back the original feel of a wheel that gives you ultimate control.

They protect your hands as you drive and are designed to withstand different weather conditions including extreme cold or hot temperatures.

They have a universal fit with a slip-on build for easy installation onto your car, truck, SUV, and van’s steering wheel. Although they rarely get dirty, these types of covers can be easily wiped clean with water and detergent or soap. With the durability it boasts, you’ll have fun with them for a very long time.

Plasticolor 006752R01 Star Wars Stormtrooper Car Truck SUV Steering Wheel Cover

9. Support The Troops Vinyl Sticker Car

It’s time to get hands-on and Support the Troops! That’s right, this vinyl decal calls on other motorists to join the Empire’s cause, except that in this case is to show your love for the Star Wars soldiers.

This product is a cool looking graphic that makes your truck or car such an attractive beast. It is plain white to maintain visibility throughout the day and to accentuate tinted windows or cars with dark windows.

Also, if you want something that tends to provoke some people (the lowlife folks who don’t like the troopers) then this sticker does a great job. It equally allows you to express your love for Star Wars.

The manufacturer supported the cause by bringing you an item of the highest quality with a warranty backing of five years. You can order this decal in a different color with a specific customization request.

The Support the Troops Decal is multipurpose and can be applied on any clean surface including laptops, cars, windows, and walls to name a few. It comes with installation instructions to make the process easy.

Support The Troops Stormtroopers Vinyl Sticker Car Decal

10. Xprite Stormtrooper Black Tail Light Guard

A little customization on your rear taillights goes a long way in decorating the whole look of your vehicle. For instance, these Xprite Black Tail Light Guard lights up to reveal an endearing silhouette of a Stormtrooper, something that no other motorists would expect.

It thus gets them talking and wishing they could have it too. It is strong, is made of aluminum alloy and high-end powder coat that keeps the guard’s Lustre as nature as it was when new.

The guard is protected from dirt and rust through its build, and it, in turn, safeguards your taillights from damage and other unnecessary harm while providing a one of a kind off-road style.

It is a favorite among jeep lovers as it gives their car’s a Star Wars personality with a trendy design meant for those who dare to look different. In terms of durability, strength, and stability, it gets a plus due to its proven resilience and resistance.

To install this product, make sure that it fits directly over your Jeep’s existing taillights. This will allow enough light to shine through for the Stormtrooper to be clearly visible. Thankfully, the package includes mounting screws and no drilling is required.

Xprite Stormtrooper Black Tail Light Guard

Although in the movies Strom troopers do not display much of a personality, they are quite popular and lots of people, kids and adults are out there looking for costumes, collectibles, and car accessories to show their love. They all marvel at how replications look so fancy and would love to be a part of them. That being the case, car enthusiasts who support the cause will now have something to boast about by owning the above-mentioned accessories. One can easily use them to make a fully customized Stormtrooper vehicle!

Nothing could go wrong in trying them out. Of course, there are lots of other accessories that one could choose from, but the above list tells you exactly what to look for.

Best Stormtrooper Car Accessories

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