Rick and Morty Car Accessories – The Ultimate Selection for a Superfan

Rick & Morty is a nihilistic science-based sitcom that has been entertaining global masses for more than half a decade now. Given that the Cartoon Network brought it on for 70 more episodes in 2018, there’s no doubt that the show is here to stay.

Meanwhile, Rick and Morty fans all over the globe are polarizing. There are those that love a good laugh from Rick Sanchez and his sidekick’s jokes, then there’s a bunch of folks who barely get them at all but still watch the show.

Nevertheless, these two types of people have one thing in common, they love the show. The show is recurring and is already on its fourth season, therefore, we can all be thankful that there is no shortage of Rick and Morty accessories out there, even for the lovers of automobiles.

These items range from sunshades to steering wheel covers, to air fresheners and so much more. So, if you’re looking to give people a smile as you drive through town or your hood, here’s a list of the best Rick and Morty car accessories you can use to pimp it.

1. Black and White Rick and Morty License Plate Frame

These Rick and Morty license plate frames are cool and funny. However, they were designed for standard US vehicles but they can fit various registration plate sizes. If you’re looking to give your car the boost and the look it needs, they make a fun way to create a breathtaking, elegantly customized car.

Whether you’re a driver, a new car owner, or a car enthusiast with a Rick and Morty kinda humor, you will love them. They are eye-catching, have been built to last, and have been uniquely personalized to be adored for many years to come.

The frame feature a stainless steel bracket that encases and protects your license plate from dents and other elements making it stand out from the rest of the world.

These plate frames are also easy to install, thanks to the already-drilled mounting holes. The black finish ensures protection against corrosion and easy tear.

MEVZKTN Black and White Rick and Morty License Plate Frame

2. Rick and Morty Run The Jewels Sunshade

Next in line for the Rick and Morty car accessories is a Sunshade. It may not be nuanced like other accessories in this list, but it does make a fantastic gift for a fan looking to create a fully-themed Rick and Morty vehicle.

Thus, there is no better way to show your love for your favorite characters than with this Accordion-style sunshade. It comes in a great design from the famous sitcom featuring the two characters, Rick Sanchez and Morty as they appeared in Run the Jewel. It works perfectly and safeguards your vehicle from direct UV rays.

The size of the Rick and Morty Run The Jewels Sunshade is available in universal design, an impressive feature that allows you to fit it in any vehicle’s windshield. Not only is it attractive but it works efficiently, which makes it a brilliant gift for the show’s fans.

JUST FUNKY RM-SUN-21398-TNK.01 Rick and Morty Run the Jewels Accordion Auto Sunshade

3. Rick and Morty AIR FRESHENER – Pickle Rick

In one of the episodes in the show, Rick turns himself into a pickle, hence the name Pickle Rick. This he did to avoid going to therapy with Morty, Beth, and Summer.

Later, à little accident that involved a lack of perpendicularity sends him to the sewers, and this is one of the reasons why this Pickle Rick Air freshener surprises many by its sweet smell.

It is made of a long-lasting fragrance that gives your vehicle a lingering sweet smell. Accessorize your rearview mirror with this product and have you and your passenger enjoy your drive.

The air freshener is most likely the one gift idea you can give to a Rick and Morty fan or the various memorabilia enthusiasts on any occasion. It doubles as a creative party favor and a souvenir to those with collectibles of the show.

Most importantly, it complements other Rick and Morty Car accessories.

Rick and Morty AIR FRESHENER - Pickle Rick

4. Just Funky Rick and Morty Steering Wheel Cover

Make it to your destination in a great time with this fully licensed Rick and Morty steering wheel cover. The experience it offers doesn’t give room for breaking time, plus, you get to show off to the other show’s geeks that you got the best!

The cover is mostly black, which is a great decor that blends with the interior color of most vehicles. At the bottom is a splash of color that includes the Schrodinger’s cats giving you an exciting way of sprucing up your truck, van, or car.

It is designed to fit most vehicles with a grip that doesn’t allow your hands to slip while driving. The faux leather material it is designed from has a nice texture that boasts good quality.

Besides allowing you to take Rick, Morty, and the cat everywhere you go, this charming steering wheel cover is a great gift for the superfans.

JUST FUNKY Steering Wheel Covers

5. Funko Pop Rick and Morty Keychain

Here’s another great idea for a Rick and Morty superfan to carry the character, Rick, wherever they go. Designed by Funk Pop, the quality is amazing, and it features a stylized Rick as a Pocket Pop Keychain. It is one and a half inches in size, which makes it big enough to accommodate your car keys.

You must be careful with Rick though, if he’s run over by a car, he could get detached. Otherwise, he looks funny, a little bald, and is certainly ready to cheer you up every day you drive to work just to put food on the table, and on your way back when you can’t wait to unwind and de-stress.

The character has a nice feel to it and the pointy hair is enough to make anyone smile. The feel is also durable and unlike many of Funko Pop’s collectibles, the Keychain attaches to the from and not behind Rick’s head.

Funko 12916 Pop Keychain Rick and Morty

6. Rick and Morty – Rick Key Chain

This is another ultra-cool keychain that any Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty fan would love to have if they are looking for a Keychain with a metal burst of the old professor. It is durable and light, it thus won’t make your car keys feel bulky.

The satisfaction and versatility it offers will tempt you to buy another one for use on a plethora of items including backpacks or to gift it to a friend.

This Rick and Morty – Rick keychain is entirely made of metal and colored as the character in the show. Better yet, Adult Swim has been conspicuously engraved at the back of the professor’s head, which gives it a nice feel while adding to the beautiful texture.

By general appearance, the feel, and the material, it will last a great many days and years to come.

Hot Properties vikSK5242 Rick and Morty - Rick Key Chain

7. Rick and Morty Hunting Fishing License Plate Decorative

If you fancy a decorative license plate frame as opposed to a black and white aluminum frame, then the Rick and Morty Hunting Fishing License Plate Decorative is the one you should get.

This frame allows you to show off an exclusive personality in style. It is vibrant, colorful, and shiny, which gives your registration plate an alluring taste to be envied by onlookers. It comes with a UV coating that also protects it against scratches.

The make is from thin aluminum metal chosen for its durability. These plates are not sold in pairs, but you can get two, one for the front and another one for the back of your vehicle.

Notably, this license frame plate is not car wash safe, it, therefore, isn’t recommended for use in an automatic car wash. It should be removed first. Luckily, its installation is easy thanks to the thin and elegant design.

SAWADK Rick And Morty Hunting Fishing License Plate Decorative

8. Rick’s Peace Among Worlds Vinyl Decal Sticker

This vinyl decal doesn’t t belong only to the Rick and Morty fans, even activists could do with a sticker that says “Peace Among Worlds” in a funny way. It has a far greater impact since it’s bound to attract the attention of onlookers.

This particular sticker is available in white, and in a size fit enough to be stuck on your rear car’s windows. Of course, you can use it anywhere you want, and on any clean surface provided one follows the installation directions properly.

The decal features a portrait image of Rick making the statement with hand gestures. Without a background, the details are visible enough to warrant honks and compliments as you drive along.

The high-quality vinyl material can last for long and endure washes as it sticks nicely and doesn’t wrinkle up. It is a great addition to Rick and Morty’s sunshades, Keychain, and license plate frames.

Black Heart Decals & More BHDM-X1752 Peace Among Worlds Vinyl Decal Sticker

9. Hot Properties Morty Keychain

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Morty Keychain. If you’d rather take Morty everywhere with you, or the professor, or both, then this item completes you. It has a simple look and an image of Morty screaming with bulging eyes.

The Hot Properties Morty Keychain boasts a solid build, a sign of durability, and the O-ring itself has a nice shiny finish to it. The keychain has a good weight to blend with your car keys, and the back of Morty’s head is plain, there’s no face on both sides.

Highly detailed, this keychain is worth having for Rick and Morty fans. It is a nice addition to your collectibles and can be used on various other items.

Besides the Rick and Morty individual keychains, you could also have a set of three including Mr. Poopybutthole’s Keychain. Like the other three, it is entirely made of metal, promising long periods of service.

Consequently, there are lots of Funko Pop’s keychains available featuring various Rick and Morty characters that you could add to your collectibles.

Hot Properties vikSK5243 Rick and Morty - Morty Key Chain

10. Rick and Morty Car Bundle with Air Freshener and Auto Sunshade

From the manufacturer JUST Funky, this car bundle comes as a premier product that allows you to be you by embracing the geeky and nerdy part of an adult that you are.

Like its name states, the bundle comes accompanied by Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Garlic Scent, Rick and Morty Plumbus Citrus Scent as well as the Rick and Morty Space Cruiser Auto Sunshade.

The two air fresheners are equipped with elastic strings for hanging on the rearview mirror. The fragrances are welcome for those who board your ride and will keep the environment within the car natural and comforting.

The sunshade comes in a universal size that fits most local and imported vehicles. It protects, cools, and keep UV rays from harming your face, or the car’s window.

Spread nicely to cover the windshield, the Sunshade reveals Rick and Morty riding in their Space Cruiser. All the items are officially licensed and are perfect for any Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty fan. It makes a great gift and a nice touch for your unique personality.

Toynk Rick And Morty Car Bundle With Air Freshener And Auto Sunshade

11. Rick and Morty Car Seat Covers

The Rick and Morty Car Seat Covers are worth an investment for everyone on the lookout for something that will protect their vehicle’s seat fabric from dirt, spills, and more. It is lightweight and can be washed and dried using a machine.

Moreover, if your vehicle’s seats start bearing the brunt of the hot sun, the Rick and Morty Car Seat Covers will keep them cool and comfortable.

The covers are also designed to absorb sweat after a workout, a run, or a CrossFit, protecting them seats from a drenching. Hence, you can hop into your car and drive home after an exercise without worry.

The level of protection it offers also includes safeguarding against sand, debris, salt, and claws from dogs and other pets.

They are made from polyester blended with fabric to output a fine texture giving your car seats a unique and exquisite look. Each cover is equipped with a round foam pad with a card seat groove as well as a back pocket for miscellaneous items.

They are suitable for most car seats including SUVs, cars, and trucks. They are easy to install and clean with elastic straps at the seat’s bottom.

Huangyinguk Rick N Morty Car Seat Covers

The above list might not be conclusive, but whether your preference is the twisted antihero in grandpa Rick Sanchez or the naive and somehow unwilling Morty Smith, do not worry, the aforementioned car accessories will let you celebrate the show’s characters in a low key but a proud manner.

Each piece conjures up a hilarious and twisted dark voyage through the space continuum and multiverses that are terrifyingly deviant and uncanny. They are perfect for all Rick and Morty fans.

Best Rick and Morty Car Accessories

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