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Best Heated Steering Wheel Covers

Best Heated Steering Wheel CoversFor a long time, steering wheel covers have been known for their aesthetic value.

They come in a range of colors and textures, and the different materials and designs make even a plain car interior look sophisticated.

However, a feature that is growing in popularity is the heating capabilities of steering wheel covers.

Their temperature remains constant regardless of the changes in weather, and enable you to drive safely even when it is too cold outside.

In this article, we will review 3 of the best steering wheel covers with heating capabilities. We will also have a buying guide so that you know what to look for in a heated steering wheel cover. Let’s get to it!

3 Best Heated Steering Wheel Covers (as of December, 2022):

1. Kozart Heated Steering Wheel Cover

Best Heated Steering Wheel Covers

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The Kozart Heated steering wheel cover sports a simple, yet flexible design. It’s not a universal fit, it is designed for steering wheels that measure about 15 inches in diameter. 

Crafted from leather, the cover utilizes a high-speed heating wire that produces warmth in less than 2 minutes. The temperature released can rise to 120 degrees to ensure that the steering wheel is adequately warm. 

The cover uses the latest anti-winding design for safety purposes. There is a snap buckle to help manage the length of the wire and prevent it from wrapping around your steering wheel. 

This is a great addition since many steering wheel covers don’t come with a wire management system for safety. 

The leather material used is high-grade. This speaks volumes about the durability and strength of the cover. Plus it is easy to clean and maintain. 

The overall construction of the steering wheel is solid. It has a non-slip design to give you a firm grip while driving. It is easy to install, and the best part is that the cover comes with an attractive price tag. 

One noticeable thing, however, is that the cover does not have a thermostat to regulate temperature. This should not be a problem as the wire generates a certain amount of heat that’s not too hot for your hands, and it does not exceed this amount. 

It is recommended to use a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket or a DC power plug with the cover, and not any other adapter. This could be a safety measure to prevent malfunctions or even fires.    

  • Made of leather for strength, durability, and flexibility
  • Utilizes a high-speed heating wire quick heating
  • Uses the latest anti-winding design for safety
  • Suitable for steering wheels that measure 15 inches in diameter
  • Non-slip pattern design for a firm grip
  • Heats in less than two minutes
  • Easy to install

  • Some users complain the wire management system does not work well


2. Small Ant Heated Steering Wheel Cover

Best Heated Steering Wheel Covers

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This heated steering wheel cover provides a pleasant and comfortable warm ride when temperatures are below freezing. The heated cover can help you feel more relaxed and confident while driving on icy roads. 

Constructed from high-grade materials, the cover uses infrared heating to warm up the steering wheel. The warm air from the cover circulates through the tiny spaces in these materials, so instead of hustling with a cold steering wheel, which can be a nightmare, you are greeted by a warm steering wheel. 

There is a thermostat that automatically regulates the temperature from 90 degrees to 110 degrees. This ensures that the steering wheel does not get too hot. 

It is clad with a warm breathable layer to keep your hands and wheel toasty while preventing your hands from getting sweaty owing to the warmth. 

The non-skid pattern design ensures that you have a firm grip at all times making it easy to maneuver your car while driving or packing.  

It has a universal fit design. The Zone Tech heated steering cover can fit just about any steering wheel while providing a tight fit. It is easy to install, no instructional manual or tools are needed for the installation. 

It is recommended that you only use a 12-volt cigarette socket or a DC power plug with this cover. When not in use, you are advised to unplug it to avoid draining your battery power.  

  • Made from high-grade materials for durability, strength, and longevity
  • Inbuilt infrared heating system
  • Inbuilt thermostat to regulate temperature
  • Non-skid pattern design
  • Heats up quickly
  • Soft, durable, and flexible
  • Universal fit
  • Warm breathable top cover
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably priced
  • Ideal for taxicabs, constant travelers, and people living in cold areas

  • Not ideal for trucks
  • The attached cord wraps into the steering wheel

3. LemonBest 12V Heated Steering Wheel Covers

Best Heated Steering Wheel Covers

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Keep warm with this highly-innovative cover by LemonBest. It can keep your hands warm during the cold season while providing you with the comfort you need for short and long-distance driving. 

The cover is made of plush to provide superior warmth and comfort in low temperatures. Inside the cover, there is an infrared fiber heater wire that heats the cover.   

The wire has great tensile strength meaning that it cannot break or wear out easily or quickly. It’s also resistant to corrosion. 

One amazing thing about the wire used in this cover is that it has a high transfer heat efficiency, which means that every inch of your steering wheel is heated. Also, your wheel remains heated even after you unplug the cover from the power source.

However, some reviewers say that when unplugged, the steering wheel does not stay warm for long, so if you are driving long distances, you need to keep it plugged in.   

Installation of the cover is easy. It is designed to fit steering wheels that measure 37cm to 38 cm in diameter and it provides a tight fit. Besides that, the cover has a  non-slip pattern to give you a nice firm grip.   

Overall, the cover utilizes a simple design, and the material used makes it flexible and foldable. It can be washed by hand and you don’t need special detergents to clean it. All you need is soap and water. 

  • Made of plush for warmth and comfort
  • Utilizes a corrosion-resistant infrared heater wire to heat the cover
  • Provides ample warmth for comfortable driving in cold temperatures
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Designed to fit steering wheels measuring 37 cm to 38 cm in diameter
  • Stays warm for some time after being unplugged
  • Flexible and foldable 
  • Affordable 

  • The threads fray quickly


4. SEG Direct Universal Heated Steering Wheel Cover Review

SEG Direct UniversalIf you are looking for a steering wheel cover designed for all-weather use, then look no further than this cover from SEG Direct.

SEG Direct Universal is made from quality microfiber leather.

This gives a smooth, soft feel that will keep your hands comfortable no matter the distance you are driving.

Microfiber leather has a premium look, giving you luxury at a very affordable price. It is also durable, meaning that it will serve you for a long time.

The construction of this steering wheel cover makes it very user-friendly. The leather is odorless and will not activate any allergies you might have.

It is also easy to clean, and you can wipe it down with some mild soap or sanitizer to keep it clean and safe.

Designed for all-weather use, this steering wheel cover is heat resistant. That means that it will not get overheated if you leave your car out in the sun to run errands.

When it comes to those cold winter months, this steering wheel cover stays at body temperature levels so you can comfortably drive through cold weather.

SEG Direct Universal Review, Pros and Cons

This steering wheel cover comes in different sizes. It can fit any mid-sized steering wheels snugly without sliding off.

Installing the cover might be difficult at first because it is designed for a tight fit. To make the process easier, you can use some grease on the steering wheel to slide the cover on.

Main Features

  • Perfect Decor & Protect Steering Wheel
  • Smooth & Durable Microfiber Leather
  • Skidproof & Heat Resistant
  • Healthy & Eco-Friendly
  • Snug Fit & Stable
  • Hypoallergenic & Odorless
  • Easy to Clean
  • Microfiber leather has a premium look
  • Soft, smooth and comfortable to the touch
  • Snug fit and skid proof
  • Resistant to changes in weather to remain warm throughout
  • Odorless and hypoallergenic

  • Might require two people to fit it onto the steering wheel initially

5. Valleycomfy FXBF01 Heated Steering Wheel Cover Review

Valleycomfy FXBF01Valleycomfy designs its steering wheel covers for longevity so that they can keep you company throughout your life journey.

This steering wheel cover manages to deliver on just that promise.

It is made from top quality microfiber leather.

The result is a Valleycomfy FXBF01 steering wheel that feels smooth and plush to the touch, which is unlike many other steering wheel covers. The cover also has a lining that hugs the steering wheel snugly and prevents the cover from sliding.

This steering wheel cover guarantees you affordable luxury. The leather construction automatically transforms the interior of your car into a luxurious place.

The steering wheel cover also enhances your grip, especially since it is weatherproof.

The cover remains at body temperature levels regardless of the weather outside. This means that your hands will not be burnt when it is warm outside, and will not freeze up during winter. Your safety is enhanced when using this steering wheel cover.

Valleycomfy FXBF01 Review, Pros and Cons

If you are prone to allergies, then this is the perfect steering wheel cover for you. It comes in odorless packaging that will not excite any allergies, including contact allergies.

The material can be stretched so that it does not crease when fitting it over your steering wheel. It is breathable, so even if you have sweaty hands, the steering wheel cover will not get damp and smelly.

Main Features

  • For Middle-Size Steering Wheels
  • Top Quality Stitching & Embossing
  • HQ Microfiber Leather
  • Increased Safety
  • 100% Odour Free
  • Weatherproof Construction
  • Skidproof Lining Ensures Constant Reliable Grip
  • Smooth, soft feel to the hands
  • Weatherproof construction keeps the cover at body temperatures regardless of the weather
  • High-quality stitching and embossing gives car interior luxurious look
  • Does not crease easily and can be stretched
  • Odorless and breathable

  • Initial installation can be difficult

6. BOKIN B-K0026B Heated Steering Wheel Cover Review

BOKIN B-K0026BWhichever color you get, the B-K0026B steering wheel cover from BOKIN will transform the interior of your car into a luxurious place.

It is made from viscose and microfiber leather material.

This gives you a smooth, soft steering wheel that you can hold for hours without becoming uncomfortable.

The microfiber and viscose blend gives you a cover that is breathable and easy to clean. It absorbs sweat from your hands and will not give your car any bad odor.

This steering wheel cover is designed to enhance your safety. It fits snugly onto your steering wheel. It features webbed stitching, which means even when your hands are sweaty you will still have a good grip on your steering wheel.

The stitching is high quality, which transforms the interior of any kind of car into a luxurious place.

BOKIN B-K0026B Review, Pros and Cons

Installation for this steering wheel cover is easy. It stretches and folds, making it possible for you to fit onto your steering wheel without any tools or extra help.

The cover comes in a variety of colors, so you can get one with a sporty look and even one with a chic look. This makes it the perfect gift for someone for Christmas or their birthday.

Main Features

  • Fashion Design & Universal Standard
  • Absorb Sweat Quickly
  • Microfiber Leather & Viscose
  • Delicacy Sewing Technology
  • Smooth & Breathable
  • Protecting From Further Wear & Tear
  • Easy to Install
  • Features a high-quality leather and viscose material blend
  • Absorbent cover that keeps car interior odor-free
  • Fits snugly onto wheel to enhance safety
  • Keeps steering wheel at a constant temperature for all-weather driving
  • High-quality construction and stitching gives a luxurious look to any car

  • Difficult to install
  • Thick and takes some getting used to

Heated Steering Wheel Cover Buying Guide


The material of a steering wheel cover is probably the most important factor. It determines the feel, stability, and durability of your steering wheel cover, as well as a good aesthetic for your car.

You want a steering wheel cover that feels good in your hands, otherwise the whole driving experience will be highly unpleasant. The feel will be determined by the type of material.

The material of the best steering wheel cover

For example, an absorbent material will whisk away any sweat made by your hands. This not only makes it comfortable to keep holding the steering wheel, it also enhances your safety when driving since your hands will not keep sliding off.

A good steering wheel cover material is breathable and dries quickly to prevent any bad odors from forming in your car after washing it.

The material also determines the temperature regulating properties of the cover. Maintaining the cover at the average body temperature will mean that the cover does not get too hot during the summer, and will not freeze up during the winter months.

The most popular material for steering wheel cover is microfiber leather. This material checks all the boxes and is highly durable. Faux fur steering wheel covers are also popular for temperature regulation.


You should keep in mind the size of your steering wheel before making a decision on which steering wheel cover you will get.

That is because a medium-size steering wheel cover will not fit onto a large wheel, and it will slip when used to cover a small steering wheel.

The standard steering wheel measures 14.5 inches to 17.5 inches.

Check the measurements of the steering wheel cover you are interested in and see if it will match up with your steering wheel.

Keep in mind the fact that a steering wheel cover is designed to fit snugly onto your wheel. So you should expect a bit of pulling and tugging while installing it.


You want a steering wheel cover that will serve you for more than a few months, even years. Just because something is affordable does not mean it cannot have longevity. The material of a steering wheel cover will largely determine its durability.

Flimsy materials will not be able to withstand continued use and will either discolor or wear out at the points where it is most handled.

The material of a steering wheel cover will largely determine its durability

Another factor is the stitching. A good steering wheel cover has strong stitching that will not come apart when fitted over the wheel.


Steering wheel covers should not affect your grip on the steering wheel as this could put you in danger. If anything, your grip should be enhanced.

A cover that is sleek might be appealing to the eye, but it might put your hands at risk of slipping if you have sweaty palms.

Some covers are thick to enhance the heating properties, but if it is thick such that your fingers cannot encircle the wheel properly, then this is also risky. With that said, there are factors that enhance grip.

Webbed construction makes it easier to grip the wheel and protects you from slipping. A material that is soft with a bit of give also enhances your grip.


Like we mentioned before, installing a steering wheel cover will always be a bit of a struggle. This is because the end result should be a cover that fits snugly around the steering wheel and does not slip at any time when driving.

Installation a steering wheel cover

Some steering wheel covers might need extra help in the form of tools or an extra person to install. Others need you to warm the steering wheel using a blow dryer or oil it to make it easier to slide on the cover.

Keep in mind the installation instructions when purchasing a cover so you know what to expect and reduce disappointment when you cannot simply just slip on the cover.

Final Verdict

Steering wheel covers are must-haves for any car owner. They keep your steering wheel at the right temperature whether it is warm or cold outside. They also make steering wheels comfortable to the touch for a much pleasant driving experience.

It goes without mentioning that they enhance the aesthetic of the interior of your car. We have reviewed 3 of the best steering wheel covers with heating capabilities. So go ahead, pick one and enjoy your drives.

Best Heated Steering Wheel Covers

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