12 Harry Potter Car Accessories Every Potterhead Must Try

Having a cool car, for some people, isn’t enough. They want to customize it and give it their own personality.

While others may tamper with the build for the car to have certain features, a Harry Potter fan out there is looking for small car accessories to bring out the Hogwarts’s theme to life. They’d like their car to be the ultimate nerd vehicle without getting it extremely tacky.

The one challenge Harry Potter fans get is that the car accessories they’d really love to have are lacking greatly. Some geeks want to go the whole hog, have an automobile that screams their love for the movies, but they get less than they prefer.

Despite the challenge, there are Harry Potter Car accessories that you might love. So, which one of these items would you consider?

1. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Symbol (Chrome)

Top of the list is the Fan Emblem’s Harry Potter Death Hallows Symbol. This variant is chrome merchandise available in genuine automotive quality.

With this car accessory, enthusiasts of any Wizarding World, Hogwarts, Deathly Hallows, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Pottermore, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and every Ministry of Magic fan can declare their allegiance in a bold and thrilling way.

Unlike the typical chrome-plated badges, this type of emblem contains no PVC, hexavalent chromium, cyanide, or heavy metals. Therefore, no harm will happen to your vehicle, or the environment surrounding you.

It is also universal and can be used on trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles or any other place a true Potterhead can think of. This revolutionary automotive badge has been technologically crafted into a lightweight object that flexes for a whole adhesion.

The installation procedure is effortless, and it lasts for years just like the product itself. Therefore, it makes a great addition to your Harry Potter-themed car!

Fan Emblems 9672-111 Harry Potter Car Badge 3D Deathly Hallows Symbol (Chrome)

2. Harry Potter Car Badge 3D HP Symbol (Black Chrome)

Here is another great alternative to the Harry Potter Death Hallows symbol. With the same type of build, strength, and durability, nothing could possibly go wrong if you stuck it on your SUV, car, or truck.

The smooth finish and the blend it makes with your vehicle tells a tale of the character’s escapades at the school of magic. Announce to the world that you are a little mischievous, nosy, and subtly up to no good, in a positive and funny way.

This car badge complements other Harry Potter accessories installed outside your vehicle, be it a vinyl decal of the character, a magic wand wiper, a sunshade, or a license plate frame.

Better yet, this badge can be applied on any smooth surface, including in your garage. It is guaranteed to last and has an incredibly appealing look! Moreover, you get a warranty of 5 years, how about that for a Harry Potter nerd?

Fan Emblems 9672-115 Harry Potter Car Badge 3D HP Symbol (Black Chrome)

3. Harry Potter Silver Key Ring

The magic world is with us now, and today, like Harry Potter, a magic wand chooses you! Whether you want to add it to your collectibles or simply want to carry it around, the Harry Potter Silver Key Ring is sure to point you in the right direction.

Of course, it may not be big enough for you to wield it like Hermione Granger, or try some magic tricks like Harry Potter himself, but it sure will subtly make for a good conversation starter if you use it with your car keys.

This keychain has a wand that measures four inches long with a strong O-ring attached to it for portability. Whichever your preference is, they come in a series of replicas of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Dumbledore’s wands, which are all licensed for you!

The quality is quite impressive with a silver appearance and a build that will last for years. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will not pass this up.

Harry Potter 48036 Silver 11cm Key Ring

4. Potter Hallows Aromatherapy Car Vent Diffuser

Aromatherapy has lots of benefits, including boosting your energy levels. Whether you want to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit, the Potter Hallows Aromatherapy Car Vent Diffuser is the one to keep you on the go.

It can be used with essential oils that enhance both your mental, physical and emotional health.

Featuring the Potter Hallows pendant and 8 colorful pads for refills, the challenge of being unable to diffuse your favorite essential oils is solved. With this item, you can enjoy a variety of select essential oils anytime you want in your vehicle.

You can choose the soft, subtle fragrance of peppermint oil on your way to work or lavender, for a lingering relaxation on your way home after a hard day’s work.

As stylish as it comes, this Potter Hallows locket has a solid back, a vent clip, and a secure magnetic closer that ensures no leaking of the essential oil onto your car. Try it and customize the scents as much as you want.

mEssentials WEHP-CV-GS0 Potter Hallows Aromatherapy Car Air Freshener Essential Oil C

5. Deathstick Magic Wand Wiper Tags

Let your car wave the magic wand for you! If you are stuck in traffic and are feeling powerless, perhaps this magic stick can wipe out delays and let you fly. It is made of a durable material with an adhesive to apply to the rear wipers.

You might be forced to make adjustments in terms of length to ensure that the wand fits perfectly. Being detachable and universal, you can also adapt or interchange the wand with hundreds of other available designs.

Furthermore, it has a universal fit, which means that it can be installed on the rear wipers of most domestic and import cars.

The Deathstick Magic Wand attaches in a few minutes. No special tools are required for the procedure, but once installed, it stays put and for long. The wand is UV protected and it doesn’t fade or crack thereby maximizing its durability. You can use it during the rainy season, when it is snowing or any other season.

WiperTags Deathstick Magic Wand for Rear Vehicle Wiper Blades

6. Ministry of Magic License Plate Frame

This is one of the most eye-catching Harry Potter car accessories you could ever find in the market today. It is funny, beautifully designed and built to withstand wear and tear. The Ministry of Magic License Plate Frame features a flat shape that fits precisely over the registration plate of your vehicle.

It doesn’t have a lip that may cause harm to your bumper or your car’s paint. It is made of aluminum and not some cheap plastic that will barely last a month.

The vibrant color infused in this license plate frame brings out sharp details of the caption which reads “Ministry of Magic. Authorized Muggle Vehicle”. Which Harry Potter fan will say no to such a funny license plate frame?

Furthermore, you can install this in your car and flaunt it anywhere you go as it can withstand varying weather conditions and car washes. Its standard size fits many types of license plates, but make sure to check if it is allowed in your state first.

FunnyLpopoiamef Ministry Of Magic License Plate Frame

7. Hogwarts Alumni Castle Vinyl Decal

The Hogwarts Alumni Castle Vinyl Decal is a great addition to a Harry Potter-themed vehicle. It is made of vinyl and can be fitted on your car’s windows.

The material has been precisely cut to ensure that it doesn’t take much of your window’s space but also maintains the details of the item. It will stick to just about any clean and smooth surface.

Any Harry Potter fan looking to make the world of wizardry a little realistic in real life knows that this type of decal allows them to maintain a connection with the Hogwarts. It is a perfect idea for every geek and nerd or a gift for your son or daughter.

This vinyl decal doesn’t have a background and the castle isn’t connected with the wordings. Consequently, it is easy to install, and it comes with an easy transfer tape that makes adjustments easy. This piece completes your car’s outside look!

Signage Cafe HGWRTSALUM Hogwarts Alumni Castle Vinyl Decal

8. Harry Potter Glasses Car Decal

Something about Harry Potter glasses makes one feel highly mischievous and clever, and this vinyl decal brings you as close as you can get to being the lead character in your own Hogwarts school of wizardry.

It is another brilliant addition to the Harry Potter theme for anyone who wants to subtly say they are a fan. This is particularly appropriate for those who would rather go for a vinyl decal instead of a car badge.

As simple and versatile as it comes, the Harry Potter Glasses Car Decal can last for years while maintaining its glossy and vibrant nature. It sticks too well to a flat and cleaned surface and can last for years outdoors.

On your car, have it fitted on the outside, a window or other surfaces including plastics, walls, metals, or any surface. There are no issues when it gets wet, doesn’t leave a residue. The material doesn’t fade, peel, or crack. Now when you drive along the freeway, you will wish you were headed for Hogwarts!

StickerPR 8541557617 Harry Potter Glasses Decal Sticker for Car Window

9. Harry Potter Baby Muggle on Board

This one is for the parents, anyone with a baby on board, or as a gift for someone expecting a baby. It is super cute and is a great source of humor. Well, onlookers will be wondering what kind of a dog the “muggle” is.

However, the accessory announces to other motorists that there is a baby on board and should, therefore, maintain a safe distance and be careful.

The sticker is made of a long-lasting vinyl that resists washes, fading, peels, and cracks. It will give you good years of service, of course, for the Harry Potter parents.

If the white color doesn’t impress you that much, then you can request a different color that you love or that which blends well with your car’s appearance. It doesn’t have a background and is perfect for attachment on your back windshield.

Being a Harry Potter fan, you definitely would love to say, “Muggle on Board!” instead of the boring “Baby on Board” stickers.

Harry Potter Baby Muggle on Board Vinyl Decal Sticker

10. Harry Porter Love White Decal

There is no shortage of Harry Potter decals for your car. If it isn’t a badge, a logo, then it is some funny writing. However, this type of sticker, combines torches, magic wands, the hats and many more all arranged to spell the word ‘LOVE.’

It is versatile and can be used on many surfaces including laptops and notebooks to name a few. Although it is not customizable, it has been carefully and gorgeously designed with a durable vinyl material to give you long years of service.

The surface you are looking to install needs to be prepped a little before its application. The process needs precision so as not to spoil the decal. Thereafter, it can go through several washes, the rain, sun, and snow without relenting or giving up on the spirit of showing your love for Harry Potter.


11. Always Harry Potter White Vinyl Decal

The Always Harry Potter White Vinyl Decal is another great alternative to the LOVE decal. It comes with similar features in terms of durability, strength, resilience, and appearance. True Potterheads might be torn between the two or opt for another humorous decal.

However, this particular item has unique and memorable characters that keep heads turning when you drive to and from work. The dementor, which makes the first letter has been combined with other Harry Potter symbols to make it fun to look at.

It is not too big or too small for your back window. It fits perfectly while maintaining its true aesthetics and giving your Harry Potter car a whole new look.

Bargain Max Decals CMI187 Always Harry Potter WHITE Vinyl Decal

12. Mischief Managed Harry Potter Decal

There is also another alternative; a vinyl decal reading ‘Mischief Managed’ like you could expect anything less from a nerdy Hogwarts fan. It is versatile and can be applied to a plethora of surfaces.

The material it is made from can last for longer than half a decade if installed correctly. It is also very cute, making it a favorite among the movie fans.

One only needs to follow the installation instructions to ensure that it sticks well and doesn’t come off or tear during the process. The thinner pieces can make it a little of a hassle during installation, but eventually, they hold up through car washes and bad weather.

CCI CCI948 Mischief Managed Harry Potter Decal Vinyl Sticker

Those are some of the available Harry Potter car accessories you can easily find. Of course, one can have several other items custom-made depending on their preferences.

Whichever the case, we are all looking to transform our vehicles into a Harry Potter automobile, not just for fun, but to have some sense of gratification and a feeling that you belong with the Hogwarts members.

Best Harry Potter Car Accessories

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