14 Darth Vader Car Accessories Every Star Wars Enthusiast Must Have

Darth Vader is one of the most terrifying villains in the movie culture. His story follows a fall from grace down a treacherous path of the Dark Force. To some, he represents fear, but to some, he is what we may become if we lost all our dreams and hopes.

Either way, many fans have ranted about every line he’s ever said and gathered countless collectibles for the love of the Dark Lord. Kids and adults, the Star Wars geeks, often fantasize about transforming into the Dark Lord Vader with a glowing lightsaber.

Today, that dream comes to life, especially for the lovers of the franchise and cars. Because you want to live your life and boast about the Star Wars movies, here are some of the best Darth Vader car accessories to complete your transition!

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1. Darth Vader Floor Mat Set

The Darth Vader floor mat set is constructed from 100% high-quality PVC vinyl with molded colors that ensure that the product doesn’t crack, peel or start looking unappealing. The heavy-duty material it is constructed from doubles as a protection against debris, water, snow, other spills, mud, and more.

With a stylish design and a conspicuous portrayal of the Dark Lord, you are guaranteed that no one will step on your mats with dirty feet or mud.

The mats are available in pairs that cover floorboard areas for both the driver and the passenger. They are pinched to increase friction and to prevent you and your passenger from slipping. With a universal size, they can fit most domestic and import vehicles. Cleaning them can be done easily with soap and water.

Plasticolor 001582R01 Star Wars Darth Vader Floor Mat Set
  • Includes floor mats for both driver and passenger side front areas
  • Fits most domestic and import vehicles
  • Nibbed underside helps keep mat from sliding
  • Easy to clean with soap and water

2. Darth Vader Steering Wheel Cover

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to love this steering wheel cover. It looks great not only on SUVs but for trucks as well. This is huge for the Dark Lord fans looking to customize their interior to match their desired theme.

It fits nicely, takes a little effort though, but once installed, it delivers a perfect grip that offers more control and ease while driving. These stylish covers are great, even for those with sweaty hands!

They are sold individually by Plasticolor, are easy to maintain using only soap and water, and they will blend well with your Darth Vader seats.

Plasticolor 006736R01 Star Wars Darth Vader Car Truck SUV Steering Wheel Cover
  • Sold individually
  • Fits most domestic and import vehicles
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean with soap and water

3. Dark Force Red Reflective Saber for Rear Wipers

The red lightsaber is a weapon you own after having completed your transition to the Dark Lord. We all love the swing, the swoosh, and whirring sound it makes when it strikes down an enemy.

How about you have one of your own in your car? The Dark Force Red Reflective Lightsaber for your car wipers emit an intense glow when shined upon by headlights or any bright lights.

Once installed in your car, you not only look like a badass on the road, but it saves you unnecessary accidents at night should your taillights fail you. They can be installed on any type of rear wiper, which is highly convenient not to mention that they are also detachable and interchangeable!

Constructed from a resistant and durable material, these lightsabers can be used through all seasons. No batteries or wiring is required!

WiperTags Original WipeSaber Reflective Saber for Rear Wipers (DarkForce Red)
  • Easy to install. Attaches in minutes with no special tools.
  • Year-round all-weather use - rain, snow, sun, sleet.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • NO batteries or wiring required.
  • UV protected inks to prevent fading and cracking will last for years.

4. Star Wars Darth Vader Low-Back Seat Cover

The Force is strong in this one, the Darth Vader Universal Seat Covers. The confidence it bestows, the power, and the fun it infuses in your driving experience will make everyone envy you.

The elegant design and the feeling you get knowing that the Dark Lord himself is breathing on your back makes it worth a good chunk of change.

If your seat covers are worn out or faded, these low back seat covers are your comeback. You will protect them from further wear and tear while showing your love for your favorite character.

The seats are universal, easy to clean, but are not recommended for vehicles with side airbags, side airbag sensors, or armrests. They are sold individually with a separate headrest cover included.

Any Star Wars fan with a sense of style and customization can install these on their low back seats for various vehicles.

Plasticolor 006922R01 Star Wars Darth Vader Low Back Universal Fit Car Truck SUV Seat Cover
  • Fits most domestic and import low back bucket seats without armrests
  • Easy to clean material
  • Not recommended for vehicles with side airbags or side airbag sensors
  • Sold individually
  • Separate headrest cover included

5. Xprite Darth Vader Rear Tail Light Cover for Jeep

With the Xprite Darth Vader Tail Light Cover, every time you hit the brakes wonders happen.  These accessories are fully polished with a stainless-steel finish that augurs well with your Jeep Wrangler body regardless of the color.

Although the spacers are white, no fan of Star Wars will mind the domineering image of the Dark Lord when the taillights go off.

These covers are not only beautiful but have been designed to provide protection of your lens while on and off-road. They have been cut with precision using laser technology that guarantees the exact fitment of the installation fixtures without the need for more drilling.

The strong build upholds stability and strength on your vehicle while the high-quality powder coating maintains resistance against rust and dirt. That said, this accessory attracts true attention to the detail of the design and the Star Wars character.

Xprite Black Tail Light Guard Star War Darth Vader for Rear Tail Light Cover for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited - Pair
  • FEATURES - Xprite Tail Light Guards for Jeep JK help to protect Taillights...
  • REFRESHING DESIGN - Show some personality on your JK lights with our trendy...
  • HIGH QUALITY - Full Polished Aluminum Alloy Construction that Helps...
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Fits directly over your existing taillights allowing...
  • FITMENT - Fit for 2007 - 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door & Unlimited 4 Door...

6. Black Darth Vader Dashboard Auto Ornament

It might seem like a small collectible, but who would fancy the true embodiment of the Dark Force rocking back and forth on your dashboard as you drive along the freeway? The Black Darth Vader Dashboard Auto Ornament is a must-have should you decide to complete the Star Wars villain theme on your automobile.

This ornament comes with its own adhesive that allows it to adhere to the dashboard – only if you clean it well first – or any other smooth or flat surface. You can use it in your car, at home, or in your garage.

One impressive feature that will no doubt mesmerize you in the detachable red lightsaber. After securing the Sith Lord on your dashboard, you can now give him his sword to make him and your experience complete. Well, who needs another superhero when you got Darth Vader?

CHROMA 48028 Black Darth Vader Dashboard Auto Ornament
  • Darth Vader Auto Ornament with removable Red light saber
  • No tools necessary
  • Adheres to dashboard and/or any smooth flat surface
  • Rocks back and forth as you drive

7. Star Wars Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Air Freshener

An air freshener is an essential part of a vehicle for many reasons. While others can do without them, others cannot because they want their car to smell clean and fresh while driving. Moreover, it creates a comfortable and pleasant driving space far from getting rid of foul odors.

If you are a Star Wars fan, then you might want to try the Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Air Fresheners. Each pack contains two individually packaged sir fresheners that can be hanged on the rear-view mirror by tying them using the attached strings.

They have an elegant design with a scent that lives true to its name. With their convenience, you can enjoy long-lasting freshness without getting distracted by odors encountered along the road. Each of the fresheners is sizeable enough and they feature intricately printed images of the two characters.

The fragrance is vanilla-like, and unless you are allergic to vanilla, you can hang them not only in the car but anywhere you want including your garage.

Star Wars Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Air Freshener

8. Chroma Darth Vader License Plate Frame

The Chroma License Plate Frame comes with one plate, but the characters, Darth Vader and Storm Trooper accompany the purchase and can be used interchangeably. You can either have the Dark Lord or the trooper to give your vehicle registration a distinct look.

This is particularly the case if you have an old license plate frame, or if it has seen better days, or even worse; chipped, dented or spoilt.

The Darth Vader License Plate Frame gives your vehicle a statement. They tell the world a little about yourself, what you love and your favorite villain in pop culture history. The tag frame of this product features a zinc metal with bolt slots already drilled for easy installation.

They fit most of the standard-issue license plates, which save you the daunting task of looking for the perfect fit.

CHROMA 042544 Star Wars Vader & Trooper Black Frame

9. Plasticolor Darth Vader Cup Holder Coaster

Car surfaces can be stained or deteriorated by moisture, beverage overflows, high temperatures among others. Sometimes one can knock that cup of hot coffee causing a frustrating spill on your vehicle’s interior that may eventually lead to a bad odor.

All this can be avoided if one invests in a cup holder coaster. It protects surfaces from such small mishaps safeguarding and maintaining the tidiness of your car’s interior.

To get the best out of both worlds, Plasticolor has designed coasters made from durable PVC materials that protect your dashboard, your cup holders, and other places you often place your hot or cold drink with the Star Wars theme on the mind.

Featuring Dark Lord Vader, these coasters can withstand extreme temperatures, be wiped clean, and be installed with the utmost ease. These coasters can be trimmed to fit a plethora of cup holder sizes and are sold in pairs.

Furthermore, they effortlessly match other Darth Vader accessories in your vehicle!

Plasticolor 000673R01 Star Wars Darth Vader Auto Car Truck SUV Cup Holder Coaster

10. Darth Vader Universal-Fit Bucket Seat Covers

The Darth Vader Universal-Fit Bucket Seats are absolutely a must-have for a Star Wars enthusiast that is hellbent a little towards the Dark Force.

Notably, they make a great alternative to the folks with automobiles that do not do with the Darth Vader low-back seat covers. They do not shout but are subtle enough to be noticed off the bat.

These seat covers are universal, which means they can fit most vehicles with bucket seats. The seats are made of cloth, are relatively easy to install and maintain.

By bringing out the pride in you, these car covers also prove useful by providing safe and alternative extra clothing layers while protecting the vehicle’s actual fabric from wear and tear associated with commuting.

The Darth Vader Universal-Fit Bucket Seat Covers are, however, not meant for car seats with armrests. Otherwise, they fit snuggly have an incredibly cute appearance.

Darth Vader with Galactic Empire Logo Star Wars Car Truck SUV Universal-fit Bucket Seat Covers

11. 8PC Darth Vader Black Seat Covers and Floor Mats

Although you could buy these accessories differently, getting the 8PC Darth Vader Black Seat Covers and Floor Mats could finally allow you to be considered among the Dark Lords.

They are perfect for a four-seater vehicle, SUV, truck, or a sedan. They are a perfect addition to the Star Wars collectibles, and they complete the Darth Vader theme.

The floor mats are made of high-quality durable rubber material that’s meticulously contoured to maximize friction and prevent slipping. They can be trimmed into small sizes to make them fit comfortably.

The rubber material protects your automobile from dirt, spills, mud, debris among others. Nevertheless, should the mats get dirty, they can be washed with soap and water.

These items have been designed with vibrant colors that will not fade. The mats and the car seats combine to fit your own taste and proud personality.

The package includes two-front seat covers with the same number of headrest covers, two front, and two rear floor mats. What more could you give your husband or son as a seasonal gift?

U.A.A. INC. 8pc Star Wars Darth Vader Black Seat Covers Front Rear Rubber Floor Mats Set

12. Darth Vader Passenger Series PVC Window Decal

This item is made from perforated vinyl and is a graphic decal showing a life-sized Dark Vader from the head to the shoulders. Onlookers from outside can see the image clearly and from inside you can see through the sticker.

The decal is safe and will not damage your vehicle, it is water-resistant, can diffuse sunlight and can be installed without a hassle, outside the vehicle. This decal can shield you from the sun and is one to keep.

Star Wars Darth Vader Passenger Series Perforated PVC Window Decal

13. Star Wars Darth Vader Keychain

Most people rarely carry keychains nowadays but one look at the Star Wars Darth Vader Keychain with have the Dark Force lover thinking twice about flaunting them everywhere. The keychain makes a perfect way to keep your car keys handy while keeping the force strong within you.

Available individually, these Darth Vader items feature enamel colors that are baked on to ensure that they do not fade, crack, or peel. Moreover, the Darth Vader Keychain includes a handy clip that doubles as a zipper pull!

Plasticolor 004292R01 Star Wars Darth Vader Keychain

14. Darth Vader Windshield Sunshade

This high-quality pearl aluminum film sunshade can effectively safeguard you and your car from harmful UV rays. As elegant as it looks, it can protect your car’s interior from heat and age while creating a comfortable and breezy interior environment.

It is detachable and can be easily folded for portability without taking up too much space. On one of its sides, it carries an elastic band that facilitates storage.

This sunshade is equipped with four suction cups for installation along with two other cups as spares. They fit most vehicles including vans, trucks, and SUVs. As a Star Wars geek, there is nothing stopping you from trying out this product. IF you fancy a ride that will get people talking, why not give it a try?

KALLYHHHAHA Cool-Darth Vader Windshield Sunshade

There you have it! 14 Star Wars Darth Vader car accessories that enhance the look as well as upgrading your vehicle in a fancy way. Don’t be afraid to embrace a little of your dark side but do it for the good!

Best Darth Vader Car Accessories

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