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Best Tires for Camaro SS

Best Tires for Camaro SSThe Camaro SS is a high-performance car that any person who loves high-speed cars would like to own.

It is powerful and can reach speeds many cars cannot reach.

So when it comes to finding the best tires for a Camaro SS, much thought and research are needed.

And the reason for this is because not all tires are designed to fit the Camaro SS model.

Tires come in different sizes and they are also made for different types of cars. So you do need to know what tires are suitable for this type of car.

Many Camaro SS owners tend to go for summer tires, and there is nothing wrong with that except they are not as durable as all-season performance tires. Not to mention that they also don’t have a long tread life.

So if you are a driver who loves speed, you need to tires that can handle high speeds even in harsh conditions. And for a Camaro SS, these are just the type of tires you need. So to help you get started on how to go about finding the right tires for your car.

Below we have reviewed 3 tires models that are ideal for a Camaro SS. So read on and find out more.

Top pick
Michelin 7807 Pilot Super Sport

  • Technology of Variable Contact Patch 2.0
  • Michelin FAZ Technology
  • Michelin Acoustic Technology
  • Asymmetric Design
  • Michelin’s Bi-Compound Tread Rubber

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We’ve tested 3 tires for Camaro SS and the winner is above!

Tires for Camaro SS Comparison Chart


Michelin 7807 Pilot Super Sport

Continent Contact Extreme DWS06

MICHELIN 37666 Pilot Sport 4 S


Michelin 7807 Pilot Super Sport

Continent Contact Extreme DWS06

Michelin 37666 Pilot Sport 4 S

Speed Rating

Z / 186 MPH

W / 168 MPH

Y / 186 MPH

Load Index

94 / 1477 LBS

91 / 1356 LBS

94 / 1609 LBS





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3 Best Tires for Camaro SS (as of January, 2023):

1. Michelin 7807 Pilot Super Sport Tires For Camaro SS Review

Michelin 7807 Pilot Super SportMichelin is known world over for producing high-quality tires that can be used on almost any type of vehicle.

The Michelin 7807 Pilot Super Sport tires are specifically designed for high-performance cars like a Chevrolet Camaro SS.

These tires have been tested on varying terrains and in harsh conditions to ensure that they perform optimally.

On a wet or dry surface, the tires have an incredible grip that holds even when you take sharp corners at high speed.

So you don’t have to worry about your car skidding out of control even when you driving super fast. They also don’t squeal when you take corners at high speed, which is a huge plus.

So the traction control of these tires is something car racers or aggressive drivers can appreciate.

Michelin 7807 Pilot Super Sport Review, Pros and Cons

The tires are also extremely stable and have quick steering reactions. And this is due to the tread design of the tires. Using high tech technology and super-strong materials, the tires are designed to handle high speeds no matter the terrain.

They are also long-wearing. These tires will show signs of wear after 30,000 miles, unlike other tires that wear out after 15,000 or 20,000 miles. So they are quite durable.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

Via: @car_stuff_for_sale

The tires are available in range sizes of 18 inches to 22 inches. And this particular model has a Z speed rating, which is the highest speeding capability any tire can have.

And you’ll notice that the speed rating of the tires is indicated in the instruction manual. And what Z speed rating means is that you can drive over 186mph comfortably without a problem. These tires are designed to handle such speeds.

Main Features

  • Ultra-High Performance Sport
  • Technology of Variable Contact Patch 2.0
  • Michelin FAZ Technology (Filament At Zero degrees)
  • Michelin Acoustic Technology
  • Twin Steel Belts Reinforced By Spirally Wound Twaron Cord
  • Polyester Casing to Promote Comfortable Ride & Responsive Handling
  • Asymmetric Design
  • Michelin’s Bi-Compound Tread Rubber
  • For Dry & Wet Conditions
  • Ultimate Precision Handling
  • Long Street & Track Treadlife
  • Speed rating of over 186mph
  • Carrying load capacity of 1477lbs
  • High durability
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Great traction control
  • Handles wet and dry surfaces well
  • Designed for high-performance cars
  • Great tread design that prevents squealing or sliding when taking corners
  • Treadlife warranty of 6 years

  • Not designed for freezing weather

2. Continent Contact Extreme DWS06 Tires For Camaro SS Review

Continent Contact Extreme DWS06The Continent Contact Extreme DWS06 tires are designed for high-speed cars.

And what’s so great about these tires is that unlike the Michelin Super Sport tires, these do well in light snow and ice.

The tires have the initials DW, which stands for dry and wet. And this indicates that they are designed for wet and dry road conditions.

The technology behind their capability called X-Sipe boosts braking, acceleration, and cornering. And the traction grooves on the tires enable you to drive your Camaro SS at any speed whether it is in snow or rain.

The dry grip of the tires is exceptional. The tires have been tested to ensure that they perform optimally in different weather conditions.

And in hot temperatures, you won’t experience, like most tires, the issue of losing grip because of the heat. This is a problem that can significantly reduce your safety especially when you at high speed.

As for the wet grip of the tires, it is decent. You won’t experience any sliding or skidding when driving in the rain even when taking corners. But it is not as exceptional as the dry grip.

Continent Contact Extreme DWS06 Review, Pros and Cons

These tires have a W speed rating, which means they can handle speeds of up to 186mph comfortably.

It is worth mentioning that some users have complained of noise problems. But some have also stated that there are no noise issues. So I guess it all depends on the car.

Main Features

  • Ultra High Performance
  • Sport Plus Technology Provides Precise Handling
  • Security On Wet, Slippery Roads
  • Excellent Tread Life
  • Quick View Indicators
  • Three-Dimensional Snow Traction
  • Traction Grooves Improve Snow Performance
  • X-Sipe Technology Improves Braking, Cornering & Acceleration In Wet, Snow & Ice
  • Unique Asymmetrical Tread Design Featuring Continental’s Chamfered Edges
  • Independent Inboard Shoulder Blocks
  • 50, 000 mile Limited Mileage
  • Great wet and dry grip
  • Handles well in snow or ice
  • Great tread design
  • Speed rating of 168mph
  • 17-inch tire size
  • Carrying load capacity is 1356lbs

  • Some consumers have complained of noise issues

3. MICHELIN 37666 Pilot Sport 4 S Tires For Camaro SS Review

Michelin 37666 Pilot Sport 4 SMichelin goes above and beyond to produce high-performance tires for different types of cars.

And the Michelin 37666 Pilot Sport 4 S tires are on top of the list of the best tires for a Camaro SS.

These tires are an update of the Michelin Super Sport tires. So as you would expect, they deliver better performance because they are an improved version of their big brother.

Thes tires have great traction capability in dry or wet conditions. And this is because they use a special compound of very strong and heat resistant materials on the outer parts for dry grip.

The inner parts of the tires are made of functional elastomers and Silica for an enhanced wet grip. And the tread pattern is also specially designed on the outside and the inside to enhance the wet and dry grip of the tires.

The tires are very stable and durable. These ones have a tread life of 30,000 miles, which is spectacular because some popular brands have a much shorter tread life.

MICHELIN 37666 Pilot Sport 4 S Review, Pros and Cons

They come in size ranges of 18 inches to 22 inches. This particular model is 18 inches and has an aspect ratio of 40.

Aside from the design aspects of the tires, they also affordable. It is hard to get quality tires that can handle high-speed driving well that don’t cost a fortune.

Michelin 37666 Pilot Sport 4 S

Via: @keegmasta

So it’s great to see that Michelin has gone a step further by offering quality high-performance tires at an affordable price.

Main Features

  • Ultra-High Performance Sport
  • Benchmark Dry Traction
  • Ultimate Wet Traction
  • Michelin Acoustic Technology
  • Twin Steel Belts Reinforced By Spirally Wound Hybrid Reinforcement
  • For Warm Dry & Wet Conditions
  • Longer Lasting Tread Life
  • High Speed Tire For Car Enthusiast
  • Street Tire Suitable For Some Track Usage
  • OE High Performance Sports Cars & Exotic Cars
  • 110th in Wet Lap Time. 1st in Wet Braking
  • Standard Limited Warranty: 6 years
  • Improved wet and dry grip
  • Great tread pattern for enhanced traction
  • Great ride quality
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Very steady in wet and dry conditions
  • Affordable

  • In very hot temperatures the tires may experience severe damage

Buyer’s Guide

If you own a Camaro SS, you know that it is a high-performance car that is capable of incredible speeds. And to enhance its performance, you need high-performance tires because they can handle speeds that surpass 149mph.

So if you are looking to replace your old tires on your Camaro SS, go for tires that are designed to perform in wet and dry conditions.

If you live in an area where it always sunny, you may choose to go with summer performance tires, which are designed for dry conditions.

Ultimately, the type of tires you choose to buy will depend on the type of weather you have in the area you live and car type. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some factors that are key when selecting tires for your Camaro SS.

Type of Tire

Before you buy tires, you must know what type of tires to buy. And you can do this by checking on sidewalls of the tires for a code that offers more detailed information on what type of car they are suitable for and their capabilities.

How to Read a Tire Code

This is an example of how a tire code looks like: P195/60R16 63H M+S

The first letter indicates what type of car the tires are suitable for. In the case, the letter P indicates that the tires are designed for passenger cars. Others may start with letters like LT or ST, which indicate the type of cars they are suitable for.

The letters M+S, which represents mud and snow means that the tires are designed to perform in such conditions. All the other details in the code indicate the load-carrying capacity of the tires, speeding rating and other capabilities.

So it is of utmost importance to check out the tire code to avoid buying the wrong tires.

Tread Design

The tread design of a tire says it all about the tire. The Michelin tires we have reviewed in this article use special compounds on the out parts and inner parts of their tires to enhance traction in dry and wet conditions.

On top of that, the tread patterns on the tires are designed to improve traction on a wet and dry road surface.

Tread Patterns On The Tires

So some people may not consider the tread design as a factor. But if you are looking to buy all-season performance tires, it might be important that you do.

Speed Rating

The speed rating of a tire is its ability to disperse heat or prevent the build-up of heat. Technically, heat damages the structural integrity of a tire. The higher the temperatures, the faster the tires wear and tear.

So if you are looking to buy summer or all-season performance tires, go for tires that have high-speed ratings. These ratings are indicated on the tire code and they represent the speeds that the tires can handle.

Some tires can handle speeds over 186mph and others less. So go with any that is 186mph or more particularly if live in an area where it hot throughout most of the year.

Load Rating

The load rating of a tire is also indicated on the tire code. And it represents the maximum load-carrying capacity of a tire.

So you may be wondering why this is important and the reason is, tires come in different sizes and are designed for different types of cars.

Tires that are suitable for a Camaro SS, may not be suitable for a Pickup truck because both cars don’t weigh the same. One common mistake some users make when selecting tires is not considering the ability of the tires to support the weight of a car comfortably.

So before you go out and buy tires for your car, check the load index of the tires. This index is represented as a number, and it ranges from 0 to 150. And every number in that range represents the load-carrying capacity the tire can support safely.

As a case in point, a tire with a load index of 100 can support a load-carrying capacity of 1764lbs. When you calculate for all four tires, the maximum load-carrying capacity is 7056lbs.


When buying car tires, it’s helpful to have a budget if you don’t intend on spending a lot. The good news is that there are many quality tires available for a Camaro SS that are quite affordable.

We don’t recommend buying tires for your car because they are cheap. That may be a huge blunder on your part, notwithstanding that you may also compromise your safety by using cheap poor quality tires.

But what we are saying is that don’t also go too expensive as it may not be worth it. You can find quality high-performance tires that will not break your bank.


Having reviewed some type of tires that are suitable for a Camaro SS, ultimately the decision on what type of tires you want to buy lies with you. But if you have no idea where to start, we hope that you’ll find our small buyer’s guide to be helpful.

We also suggest that you check out user reviews when finding tires for your car as they can help you make a sound decision. What we don’t recommend is buying tires based on the price tag, as you may end up with some bad tires.

Best Tires for Camaro SS

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