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Buyer’s Guide: Best Spark Plug Wires for your Chevy Tahoe

Best Spark Plug Wires for your Chevy TahoeSpark plug wire sets may be small in size, but they are the force that gives life to a car’s engine.

They are responsible for generating the electric spark needed to start your car.

Without this spark, your car cannot start.

Choosing the right spark plug wire set means that you won’t experience any starting difficulties.

So if your engine happens to misfire, the spark plug wires should be on your number one list of main suspects.

In this article, we are going to discuss three best spark plug wire sets for Chevy Tahoe, which after our team did thorough research, found to be the best in the market. So if you are the proud owner of a Chevy Tahoe, you might find this review helpful.

Let’s get started.

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Saihisday 9748HH

We picked the 9748HH spark plug wire set by Saihisday because they are designed with quality materials for durability and peak performance.

Saihisday 9748HH

  • Superior components to provide corrosion protection and high spark delivery.
  • Overall design enhances spark plug retention
  • The insulator is made of superior dielectric materials

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We’ve tested 3 spark plug wires for Chevy Tahoe and the winner is above!

Spark Plug Wires for Chevy Tahoe Comparison Chart


Saihisday 9748HH

Saihisday 9748HH

ACDelco 9748RR

ACDelco 9748RR

Edelbrock 22716

Edelbrock 22716

Insulation Material






1337 Ohms

50 Ohms

Coil Wire Length


8.75 inches

12.5 inches

Outside Diameter

7.00 mm

7.00 mm

8.50 mm

Insulation Outside Diameter


0.27 inches

0.23 inches

Conductor Style

Spiral core

Spiral core

Spiral core

RFI Suppression




Coil Wire Included




Wire Color









2 Years

12 Month/

12,000 Mile

2 Years/

24,000 Mile


1.08 pounds

1.25 pounds

1.81 pounds

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3 Best Spark Plug Wires for Chevy Tahoe (as of March, 2024):

1. Saihisday 9748HH Spark Plug Wires for Chevy Tahoe

Saihisday 9748HHThe Saihisday 9748HH spark plug wires are designed with superior materials and components to ensure that your car engine does not misfire or have starting difficulties even during harsh weather conditions.

It is also important to note that the spark plug wire set has a universal design, which means that it can fit different car engine models.

Saihisday 9748HH Review, Pros and Cons

Main Features

  • Fits Chevy Silverado 1500 2500 3500 99-07, Cadillac Escalade 02-06
  • Fits GMC Sierra 1500 2500 3500 99-07, Yukon 01-06, Hummer H2 03-06
  • Replace ACDelco # 9748HH
  • Built to strict quality control standards
  • 2 years warranty
  • It has a universal design that can fit several different car engine models
  • It is made of high-quality materials that protect the product from corrosion and heat
  • It has a coil retainer that helps prevent micro-arcing and fretting
  • It costs less than $40, which is quite affordable
  • It helps save fuel

  • They do not increase horsepower

2. ACDelco 9748RR Spark Plug Wires for Chevy Tahoe

ACDelco 9748RRThe ACDelco 9748RR spark plug wire is very popular and it’s quite understandable because it delivers excellent service.

It is durable, strong, and easy to use.

The spark plug wires are made of fiberglass, which is what makes it strong.

The product is insulated with silicone to protect against overheating and corrosion.

ACDelco 9748RR Review, Pros and Cons

Due to its durability, reliability and universal design, this spark plug wire set is used on many different car models including Toyota, Chryslers, Honda, and Ford.

Main Features

  • Wire conductor, wire length, and diameter help provide maximum spark delivery and protection
  • Spark plug distributor boot shape and materials provide proper fit, installation, and water-tight seal
  • Strength enhancing components and thick, high temperature insulation jacket for outstanding resistance to heat, oil, and abrasion while promoting durability and protection
  • Terminal design improves spark plug retention and assists installation with excellent corrosion resistance
  • Insulator employs high dielectric materials
  • Coil retainer prevents fretting and micro-arcing
  • Can be used by a variety of cars
  • It has a water-tight seal
  • It is corrosion and heat resistant

  • Fitment is extremely tight that you may experience problems when removing them

3. Edelbrock 22716 Spark Plug Wires for Chevy Tahoe

Edelbrock 22716High-performance cars need a bit more punch to start and run than regular cars.

So you need a spark plug wire set that can deliver the amount of voltage needed to power up and run such a car.

And Edelbrock 22716 Max-Fire Ultra spark plug wire set is just what you need.

The Edelbrock Max-Fire spark plug wires are made of leads that have low resistance able to suppress electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Edelbrock 22716 Review, Pros and Cons

To protect it from corrosion, overheating, cracking or shrinking, the product is covered with a silicone jacket.

Main Features

  • Made from highest quality materials to help deliver maximum voltage -- ensuring the ultimate performance
  • Extremely high EMI/RFI suppression along with a very low resistance to help deliver the most spark possible
  • Heavy duty 8.5mm diameter silicone jacket to protect the Kevlar spiral wound core from heat, moisture and chemicals
  • Made with wire leads that deliver a low 40 ohms of resistance per-foot for maximum EMI/RFI noise suppression
  • Engineered for high performance engines that need all of the voltage they can get for maximum power output
  • Easy to install
  • Strong throttle response
  • Affordable
  • Heat and corrosion resistant

  • Power gains are not noticeable

Best Spark Plug Wires for Chevy Tahoe -- Buyer’s Guide

Spark plug wires are designed to deliver high voltage to a car’s spark plugs so as to generate a spark. This spark the plugs produce is what enables the car engine to start.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all. Buying the wrong spark plugs can affect the overall performance of your car.

What you need to know about spark plug wires

  • Spark plug wires are covered with a heat-resistant material to protect them from heat and corrosion. This insulation also helps prevent what is known as electric arcing
  • Spark plug wires connect spark plugs to a distributor, magneto or an ignition coil. These components are the ones responsible for delivering voltage and the electric power needed to start and run a car engine
  • Spark plug wires vary in size, length, and design
  • Worn our spark plug wires can increase fuel consumption and decrease the car’s overall performance

Types of spark plug wires

Carbon core wires

Carbon core wires are also known as distributed resistance wires and they are made of fiberglass that is infused with carbon.

These spark plug wires suppress electromagnetic interference that can disrupt electric ignitions and fuel injections. And this is a good thing, but they are only suitable for car engines that are not computerized.

Another issue with this spark plug wires is that they need routine replacement as the carbon core cracks.

Solid core wires

Solid core wires or copper wires are made with copper core or stainless steel. They have no ability to suppress electromagnetic interference and are therefore not ideal for electronic ignitions.

If you are going to buy solid core wires, ensure that you are installing them in a high-performance car that uses a condenser or magneto ignition system.

Spiral core wires

Spiral core spark plug wires are suitable for high-performance cars with computer controlled engines and high power ignitions. The wires are usually made out of tin, copper, nickel or a combination of these metals.

These core wires suppress electromagnetic interference; however, they are not as effective at doing so as carbon core wires.

What to consider when choosing spark plug wires

There are many different types of spark plug wires and knowing which ones are suitable for your car is important. This is because choosing the wrong spark plugs can cause engine problems.

The most important factor to consider before purchasing spark plug wires is the engine type of your car.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that spark plug wires vary in design and length. If you drive a stock vehicle, the carbon core spark plug wires are more ideal than solid core or spiral core wires.

Carbon core wires can provide great service and without interference or noise. However, old or damaged carbon core wires can cause the engine to misfire. They can also cause leak voltage and decrease acceleration.

So you need to check the health of the carbon core wires regularly and change them if they are worn out or cracked.

If you drive a high-performance car with a points-style or magneto ignition system, the most suitable spark plug wires to use are the solid core wires.

The reason for this is that it enhances the performance of such cars because it has low resistance. Furthermore, the engine noise is not an issue unless you like to listen to the radio while on the road.

Spiral core wires are ideal for high-performance cars with modern ignition systems. They have low resistant and deliver maximal voltage to the spark plugs. This is why they are suitable for cars that use up a lot of fuel.

However, they are the most expensive wires especially if you are looking for spiral core wires that have a large diameter.

The other important factor to consider is the length of the spark plug wires. This is key because a secure connection to the distributor and spark plugs is important as it can help prevent engine problems.

Do spark plug wires wear out?

Yes, they do. Spark plug wires wear out after some time. But it is important to note that copper spark plug wires wear out faster than spark plug wires made of higher durable materials.

Best Spark Plug Wires for your Chevy Tahoe

When should you replace your spark plug wires?

This depends on the type of spark plugs your car uses. Copper wires have a shorter life than wires made from more durable materials.

This means that if you use carbon core wires, you may need to replace them routinely as they tend to crack or wear out after some time.

How can you tell that your spark plug wires need replacing?

Here are some tell-tale signs that you need to replace your spark plug wires:

  • Starting difficulties – if your car experiences difficulties starting, this could be a sign that your spark plug wires need replacing. Ignoring this may lead to poor engine performance and misfires
  • Engine miss – when spark plug wires are cracked or worn out, they may not deliver adequate voltage to the spark plug causing the engine to misfire
  • Decreased engine power – bad or cracked spark plug wires can affect spark delivery, and as a result, affect the engine power. Damaged or worn out spark plug wires can cause engine power loss if the wires are not able to deliver enough or any electric current to the spark plugs
  • Visible sparks – if you notice that your engine is producing visible sparks, it means that the wires are busted cause electrical leakage
Caution: When checking spark plug wires for damage, never touch them while the engine is running. Otherwise, if you do, you may get badly electrocuted.

What are the advantages of replacing spark plug wires?

  • No starting or running problems – damaged or worn out spark plugs can cause your engine to behave erratically
  • No engine misfires – replacing your spark plug wires regularly or when they are worn out can help prevent your engine from misfiring
  • No ignition system problems associated with bad spark plug wires
  • No engine performance issues associated with damaged spark plug wires
  • No rattling noises or visible sparks coming from the engine ignition system

How long do spark plug wires last before needing replacement?

Generally, copper spark plug wires can last up to 20,000 miles before they need replacing, while spark plug wires made of highly durable materials can last up to 60,000 miles.

Keep in mind that most spark plug wires are fairly affordable. So you don’t need to wait until they are completely worn out to replace them.

What you need to know when removing and replacing spark plug wires

  • Remove and replace the wires one at a time to avoid accidentally switching them
  • When removing the old wires, avoid jerking or tugging them to avoid breaking the connection
  • Avoid changing spark plug wires when the engine hot
  • Clean the spark plug distributor and insulator before installing the new wires
  • Avoid clamping spark plug wires too tight as they can cause the wires to fail

Two Guys Garage: Replacing Spark Plugs and Wires | ACDelco:

Two Guys Garage: Replacing Spark Plugs and Wires | ACDelco


Spark plug wires come in different designs, sizes, and even colors. So finding the right spark plug wires is not hard as long as you know the type of engine your car has.

Choosing the right spark plug wires makes installation easy and prevents problems associated with poor connectivity. You may choose to get universal spark plug wires, but make sure they can be modified to fit.

Avoid spark plug wires that cannot deliver adequate voltage to start and run your engine without problems. Also, when you replace your spark plugs, you may also need to replace your spark plug wires to avoid misfires and other problems.

Lastly, always take great caution when changing bad spark plug wires yourself. Removing the wires when the engine is running can cause electrocution.

Best Spark Plug Wires for your Chevy Tahoe

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