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Best Running Boards For 2018 Tacoma

Best Running Boards For 2018 TacomaAll motorists deserve the joy of owning one and this should start from the moment of stepping into the car.

Good support for the foot to enter into the car like a king or queen would go a long way as a well as bring comfort or convenience to the path of the motorist who is to drive the car and the passengers expected to enjoy the ride.

It is expected that the boards be strong to optimally perform the task and have several other features that make it fit for buyers to purchase.

Without much ado, this article was written to provide a well-detailed knowledge about features and requirement that buyers are on a look out for in addition to considering several factors that will sharpen the conclusion of choices by the buyer.

You are on course to discovering the necessary information and secrets needed to make the right choice of the decision as regard Tecoma running boards for your truck.


TAC FBATO0900PT Automotive Step Rails 4"

TAC FBATO0900PT Automotive Step Rails 4"

TAC TN0900 Step Rails 3"

TAC TN0900 Step Rails 3"

TAC T423A-C302P 5"

TAC T423A-C302P 5"

Width Step





45 pounds

39.4 pounds

55.1 pounds


87×7×11 inches

87×5×16 inches

86×13×8 inches


Heavy texture black finish

Ultra strong & heavy duty powder coated mild steel

Ultra strong & heavy-duty polished stainless steel 

Step Pads

Rust-resistant / UV Resistant Non-Slip

Rust-resistant / UV Resistant Non-Slip

Rust-resistant / UV Resistant Non-Slip


Easy bolt-on installation. No drilling or cutting required

Easy bolt-on installation. No drilling or cutting required

Easy bolt-on installation. No drilling or cutting required





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Check Price

Check Price

TAC FBATO0900PT Automotive Step Rails 4″

TAC FBATO0900PT Automotive Step Rails 4" Review, Pros and Cons

TAC FBATO0900PT Automotive Step Rails 4"TAC FBATO0900PT Automotive Step Rails 4″ further cement the name of Tacoma in the mind of a motorist who value quality products and have a highly satisfactory level.

This is reflected in the numerous positive feedbacks on the review of the product.

TAC FBATO0900PT Automotive Step Rails 4″ weighs 45 pounds and measures 87 × 7 × 11 inches in dimension.

It further includes superb features such as the pre-drilled hours which makes installation easy coupled with installation instructions as well as the recommendation of professional services as regard installation.

It is made with quality materials which provide strong support for a motorist to easily access and exit their ride with 2 additional non-slip steps.

The Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Truck Pickup 4 comes with mounting brackets as well as mounting hardware to provide a guide for installation.

It is equally protected with a hard black surface which provides cover against rust and erosion. The automobile accessory is relatively affordable a perfect match for its value, however, it is considered high for people on a low budget.

Budget Benefit

The durability of the building materials cannot be traded for anything. This is a plus to the high praise ease of installation which several buyers give.

A rough estimate of about 30 minutes is all you need to get the auto accessory fitted with your truck and get going.

TAC FBATO0900PT Automotive Step Rails 4" has a cover against rust and erosion

The support provided by the mounting bracket is equally without parallel as it gives it a further leap to ensure that customers are not left unsatisfied. Superb texture design that perfectly relates price to value.


There is no perfect product without an area where a little tweak of adjustment would be required. TAC FBATO0900PT Automotive Step Rails 4″ is not an exception when it comes to making a little adjustment by the manufacturer.

The nuts are short which could cause a dissatisfaction while tightening the boats. The auto accessory product is also relatively expensive for people on a low budget, however, it is worth the price.

TAC TN0900 Step Rails 3

TAC TN0900 Step Rails 3" Review, Pros and Cons

TAC TN0900 Step Rails 3"This is another product where the over 20 years of experience is put into play.

Superb features that make the purchase a great deal for customers and ensure that the convenience and comfort of the buyer are guaranteed.

TAC TN0900 Step Rails 3″ weighs 39.4 pounds which makes it pretty strong and capable of providing the needed support for motorist while stepping out or coming into their vehicle. It measures 87 × 5 × 16 inches in dimension.

The auto accessory is said to install and not only that, but it also fits perfectly to the model of your truck after proper consultation have been made to ensure that wrong documentation is not forwarded to the manufacturing company.

TAC TN0900 Step Rails 3″ was built with materials that protect it against rusting, made visible by the E-Coated layer. The auto accessory has a double layer finishing. It is made with both steel material and mild steel material.

The steel material is made of marine grade stainless steel with a mirror polish finishing. It is equally equipped with a UV resistant non-slip step pad.

The Mild steel material is made of an engineering grade heavy-duty steel and coated with a glosses black powder coating finish. It is equally equipped with a UV resistant non-slip step pad.

TAC TN0900 Step Rails 3″ is affordable and would provide equal value services for the price paid.

Budget Benefits

Affordability and the ease of installation are worth commending. In addition, the multiple compatibilities with various truck year models is the hearing on the cake.

In addition, the warranty is long enough to cover up for every manufacturer damaged which would last 3 years although, the products are durable and made with durable materials that guaranty its longevity.

TAC TN0900 Step Rails 3" has the protection against rusting and ultraviolet radiation

TAC TN0900 Step Rails 3″ is equally equipped with enough arsenal to protect against rusting and UV light.


There are few adjustments that should be made to TAC TN0900 Step Rails 3″ to ensure that customers are not left without satisfaction.

The adjustment should be made as regards the centre bracket which has been described as not fitting especially on the driverside.

It is worthwhile to say that there is no product without a room for improvement and this does not necessarily translate to a bad product.

TAC T423A-C302P 5

TAC T423A-C302P 5" Review, Pros and Cons

TAC T423A-C302P 5"Tacoma is a household name the mention of which brings to mind nothing quality products.

Tacoma products are durable and TAC T423A-C302P 5″ is not an exception.

The auto accessory is 5′ inches wide and weighs 55.1 pounds with a dimension of 87 × 13 × 8 inches to provided the needed support for both young and old.

The Tacoma running board present a couple of choices for a motorist to choose from from the aesthetic design which is strong enough such as the oval straight and the oval bend designs which are not lacking in quality.

The auto accessory is made with two materials namely the stainless steel material as well as the mild steel material to provide the needed support as motorist enter and exit their truck.

The stainless steel material is built with a marine grade stainless steel with a polish coating finishing to protect against rusting. It is equally equipped with a 5′ UV resistant non-slip step pad.

The mild steel material constituents include an engineering grade heavy duty steel, a glosses black powder coating finish as well as a customise mounting bracket.

In addition, it is equipped with a 5′ UV resistant non-slip step pad making it a fitting match for all.

Budget Benefits

TAC T423A-C302P 5″ is highly durable and the longevity can be guaranteed. It is equally protected against rushing and UV light rays.

TAC T423A-C302P 5" has a UV resistant non-slip step pad

The truck board is quick to install. It is the masterpiece of aesthetic effect and protection for your truck.

The long period of warranty made available is a testament to the confidence of the manufacturer in giving customers nothing but the best with the top quality products.


Affordability is a huge worry for people on a la ow budget as it is quite expensive. Aside from the price which is equally met with the value customers enjoy, there are few adjustments to be made as regards this product.


Buying a running board goes beyond its aesthetic effect and transverse to several other reasons such as comfort, the convenience of entry and truck exit. This is further dependent on several factors such as the buyers budget, truck model and several other factors.

It is worthwhile to say that a check on the review of the product would be really helpful and serve aa further guide before you purchase your desired running board.

Feedback are ways to get firsthand information about the usage of the product; both the goods and the bad reviews.

A product with a more positive review is an indicator that the customers sound satisfaction in the product while a contrary one is an indicator that you should consider your choice.

It is also pertinent to note that each product was built to fulfil specific purposes or wants of the people.

More importantly, there is no product that can perfectly match your expectation as adjustment and improvement are constantly made with time. Manufacturers also offer warranty yo cover up for manufacturers defect.


Do all products come with mounting brackets?

Yes. Mounting brackets are made to provide support for the running board to ensure that motorist no matter their weight and age experience comfort and convenience while entering and exiting their truck.

You will be provided with all necessary material to ensure its easy installation as well as a guide to fulfilment.

Does all running board fit all truck type?

It is difficult to say that all running boards fit all trucks hence the need for you to perfectly consider your truck model and type and make proper consultation before making a purchase.

Additionally, there is a possibility of wrong delivery which could happen due to wrong documentation.

How long do a warranty cover damages?

It is difficult to give a specific answer as regard when a warranty lapses. It is equally important to note that most warranty only covers for manufacturers defect and not damages caused by the third party.

I suggest that you carefully check out for the warranty period on the product you want to buy before making a purchase.

Are all running boards affordable?

It is difficult to say that one product is affordable while the other is not. However, buyers budget vary greatly from one another hence I suggest that you buy a running board which best suit your spending budget and gives you the best sense of satisfaction.

Final Note

20 years of experience is a huge factor which shows in the quality of material produced by Tacoma.

The running boards are known for their longevity as well as the durability which is reflected in the several numbers of positive unbiased feedback gotten from customers.

There is no product with a complete sense of perfection hence the occurrence of a few complaints and negative feedbacks gotten from customers. It is equally worthwhile to say that the ultimate decider of the product to be purchased is the customers.

However, this article serves as a guide to ensure that you make a great deal and enjoy the product of your choice. Several other factors are capable of influencing your decision and choices.

Best Running Boards For 2018 Tacoma

It is worthy of note to say that factors such as durability, warranty, spending budget and other necessary factors should be carefully looked into before purchase should be made.

More importantly, the existence of a few negative comments does not translate to the fact that the product is bad. Individual maintenance culture also plays a vital role in the longevity of the product.

On a final note, individual differences in the choice of product to be purchased also go a long way. This article is filled with the necessary details to provide a guide for you as you go all out to purchase your desired truck board.

This article is a compass to guide your decision as you are about to make that decision. It is filled with an unbiased report of the product which you are about to buy.

Best Running Boards For 2018 Tacoma

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