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3 Best Highlander Running Board 2018 (good for stepping) – The Complete Buyers Guide

Best Highlander Running Board 2018 (good for stepping)If you have an SUV or occasionally drive a truck, then I bet you know that running boards offer you an easy time while boarding or alighting the vehicle.

These vehicles are high from the ground and they need an extra support.

Apart from the above functions, a running board also comes in handy in protecting the vehicle.

You may be travelling in a rough terrain with rocks and the vehicle tires tend to throw the rocks on the sides of the car.

The running board will prevent the rock from hitting the sides of the cars which causes scratching. In some instances the running boards prevent the flying rocks that may be headed to the side mirror.

In addition, running boards are great in watching the cleanliness of your car’s interior. You may wonder how this happens. When boarding or alighting, they can be used as an object to wipe your feet to remove dust.

Now, to come up with the best three running boards, we put some considerations down and tried to narrow down with one that has a lot of advantages when compared to its counterparts. These include the design, cost, functionality and durability.

How we Reviewed

You should first ask yourself questions like why you need the running board and the significance of choosing the right one.

For instance, Nerf bars perform the almost the same function as running boards but they are more of decorative than practical. Therefore, you’ll not get the full performance as would from a running board.

There are several of different kinds of running boards from different companies but not all use the same material in making them.

In our review, we came up with:

Before we go into an in-depth study of the running boards, let’s first look at how they generally compare.




Auto Dynasty AD-RNB-804

Auto Dynasty AD-RNB-804

APS IB-T4229L-1

APS IB-T4229L-1

Width Step




Weight Rating on Each Side

300 Lbs.

300 Lbs.

300 Lbs.


Heavy-Duty Aluminum with Polished Stainless Steel 

Durable, Rust-Resistant, Aluminum

Aircraft Aluminum w/ Rubber Pads

Step Pads

UV Resistant Non-Slip

Rubberized Covered Slip-Resistant

Rubber Pads

Surface Finish

Polished Finish

Rubber Liner / ABS Plastic End Caps

Polished Finish


Body Frame Mount (No Drilling Required)

Body Frame Mount (No Drilling Required)

Body Frame Mount (No Drilling Required)





Check Price

Check Price

Check Price


BETTER AUTOMOTIVE B1-32A-M800 Review, Pros and Cons

BETTER AUTOMOTIVE B1-32A-M800When compared to the other two, this BETTER AUTOMOTIVE B1-32A-M800 running board is considered the most looked for by highlanders hence the best in the market so far.

The boards are of high quality and made with heavy steel for effective function.

They’re steels are stainless and thick enough to withstand weight of about 100 kilograms exerted on it. The wide step area is 300 Lbs.


When you purchase any package, you’ll find out that it’s loaded with a DIY guideline for fitting it.

The whole process is fast and easy as there is no drilling.

Budget wise

If you want to get more from a running board at a slightly lower price, then don’t think twice about better automotive running boards.

At Amazon, you can get it for about $200 or more while still get the whole benefits it comes with that you’ll not get anywhere.

Running Board Design

For those obsessed with sleek designs, consider it a go for these boards. The overall design has a custom design that will not let go of your sight.

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Strong and durable bars
  • High quality materials hence extra protection

  • A little bit thinner than the stock running boards

Auto Dynasty AD-RNB-804

Auto Dynasty AD-RNB-804 Review, Pros and Cons

Auto Dynasty AD-RNB-804The idea behind the best value performance of these Auto Dynasty AD-RNB-804 running boards is resistant to rust.

You are, therefore, assured that they’ll serve you for a long time even is exposed to hazard environments.

To obtain and maintain the full strength and length of the board, they are fitted with rubberized slip resistant pads.

Product Material

Aluminum is the secret behind the good performance of the running board.

This is because they are durable and can serve you for long. In addition, the aluminum lines are fitted with rubber lines to seal against the vehicle body.

The aluminum lines of Auto Dynasty AD-RNB-804 are fitted with rubber lines to seal against the vehicle body

Installation Process

Same as the running boards from Better Automotive, they are not drilled. However, with the provided bolts from the manufacturing companies you’ll fit them in an hour.

  • Long lasting
  • Offers great protection to the vehicle body
  • Perfect and sleek design

  • The price does not equally match the performance

APS IB-T4229L-1

APS IB-T4229L-1 Review, Pros and Cons

APS IB-T4229L-1Surprisingly, these have a lot of inclusions that are not comparable to their price.

With this in mind, APS IB-T4229L-1 can be perfect for you if your budget is fixed.

The add-ons are mainly to increase the function rate for your convenience.

Unlike the other two running boards, drilling is required ONLY for some trucks but not SUVs.

However, the DIY installation process is prompt and easy.

Product Material

The material it’s made from is aluminum but which is heavier. The aluminum is polished and can support up to 300 Lbs for both the driver and passenger side.

APS IB-T4229L-1 has the polished aluminum


This running board can also be a nerf bar as the overall design depicts the combination of the two. They have a good CAB length that is flat and triangular in shape.

APS IB-T4229L-1has a good CAB length

However, there have been a lot of complaints from recent users with this running bar. They say that after purchasing the bar, they take them to the mechanic only to find out that they don’t fit.

So before you make a purchase it’s recommended that you do a thorough research first to get your perfect fit.

  • Professional after sale services from the company
  • Fast installing process
  • Comfortable and durable

  • Under-carriage brackets sometimes do not line up with bolting holes

Final Point

All in all, running boards are great for your vehicle. They’ll give you much that you’ll be astonished. To increase the efficiency of their performance, more research is done every day reach to this point. This is attributed to technology.

What you should only remember is that running boards nowadays are fitted in cars for aesthetic reasons hence you’ll have to be careful while looking for one. No need to worry as you already know the types you’ll be looking for when you need one.

Best Highlander Running Board 2018

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